Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day #1 has been AWESOME!

Our three busses left school at 8:30, the rain traveled along with us down to Yarmouthport, but it had stopped by the time we pulled into camp at 9:55. What a scream the kids let out as we pulled in! Everyone pitched in to unload the busses, bucket-brigade style, after which the 11 Nature's Classroom teachers rounded up our fifth graders for some running-around games that helped get the blood moving again after the bus ride.

Next, everyone got cabin assignments and had just enough time to make up their bunks before an all-camp fire/emergency drill at the basketball court. ("Listen for the man-made triple signal!")
The children then met with NC director, Fitz, while field group leaders met with all 11 chaperones and the four fifth grade teachers for an info session.

LUNCH was well received by our hungry, hungry group--- peppered chicken, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, sour cream, and Spanish rice with tortillas for burrito wraps! Sunflower butter/jelly was available for those who wanted it, plus THE BEST salad bar, too!

Every one of our 15 tables has a "waitron" assigned for each meal; actually the kids signed up as volunteers to take turns for the various meals throughout the week. Ask your favorite fifth grader about the privileges...and responsibilities, of being the waitron! Oh, and don't forget to also inquire about ORT [amount of wasted food :( ] and the ORT report that is sung after each meal by the waitrons.

We all got soaked by the surprise arrival of an autumn shower during after-lunch announcements outdoors...but nothing a change of clothes (and a hair dryer blast) wouldn't fix, before heading out to our next activity....and by then, the rain had stopped.

There was a brief transition (T-time) before afternoon field group time during which the children spread out all over camp for various team-building and cooperation activities. During that time everyone signed up for an afternoon class: feed your face (oatmeal facials, etc), water rockets (complete with super-launching!), clay, pig dissection (ayup!), FROLF (frisbee golf), "Oh, chute!" (parachute making), survival skills (fire building and shelter-making), or insect (GIANT grasshopper) dissection.

Another short t-time and then it was back to the dining hall for a dinner of kid-friendly burgers, fries, SALAD BAR, and frosted chocolate cake or fresh fruit.

Tonight's activity was finishing up as I began this posting. It was called Science Fair and Quest, beginning with an NC teacher skit, followed by hands-on experiment stations to which all the kids rotated for 10 minutes at a time ---very cool and quick enough to keep everyone's interest high.

Now is when the fun starts for the chaperones - getting everyone to settle down to write in their journals, shower (if they're on the "night" rotation") and have lights out at a reasonable time, whatever that is!

It's been a full, busy first day...Your children are fabulous!!!!!

I will attempt to attach a couple of pictures, though I'm not sure how or if they will post. One of the parents here will be trying to set up a Shutterfly access for many more photos, and I will include the link info as soon as I have it.



  1. Hi Mrs. Sheer,

    thanks for the update! Sounds exhausting...

    Glad that the children are doing well as well as the teachers!!

    Hope you slept well.

    Sean Casper's mom:)

  2. Hey Miss Sheer, thank you sooo much for the photos keep them coming although I did not see my sweet Amyah in them I still enjoyed seeing a little of where you all are staying!!!!!

  3. Hi Mrs Sheer,

    These posts are great! It is really nice to hear about all the fun things the kids are learning and experiencing. And the pictures complete the story. You have a beautiful day today and I'm sure that with all the activity everyone was immune to the cold air. Please let my favorite 5th grader (Jessica Neidel) know that we miss her and hope she is having a really fun time.

    Bye for now.
    Caryn Neidel

  4. Thank you for the update! I wish I could be there, it sounds like such fun!

    Ann Kingman
    (Nora's mom)

  5. Thanks Mrs. Sheer for the update! I really appreciate knowing a little bit about what's going on!

    Kirsten Holmes
    Mom of Julia Holmes

  6. It is so nice to see the kids having fun at the outing. Very nice pictures with all the happy faces. Looking forward to hearing more about their interesting adventures and seeing the pictures. Thankyou for posting the pictures Mrs. Sheer. I am so glad Arjun was able to take part. We miss him very much.
    Manjula Sonti
    (arjun's mom)